Sri Vidya

Impart Wisdom Sri

For starters in religion,
its important to print the picture of the button.
If you print and put it in your living room,
you are protected against the wisdom of evil.

If you put it on the wall,
you get the grace of becoming healthy, wealthy and content.

If you put it on the wall,
you are supported in life,

to make free time to learn and educate from Sri Vidya.

In Hinduism, they tell wisdom is only from the source of religion,
as all knowledge is from Sri Vidya,
You may ask him, whisperingly, to teach you.

Whenever, Wherever you like or wish,
ask him whisperingly.

He soon after you ask, within days,
he will teach you the lesson that is fit for you.

If you use the art given above, you give him chance
to even educate you without prayer.

So be wise, if you are not happy with living
give it a chance to proof.

If you read this website you know
i accepted the gift of Sri Vidya too.
As this wisdom is the legacy of Sri Vidya.


As vidya means wisdom,
and avidya means to be in the dark of information.

Avidya means there is much information,
and all is available, but no one knows
the meaning or value of it.

As Avidya means, many cultures are available
to follow, but the truth about it is lost.

As avidya means, all people have wishes,
and fullfill them without knowing if it brings
happiness or peace.

As Avidya is to be given light,
but the sincere effort of devotion.

As all wishes in prayer gives light to it,
As all problems in prayer gives its purpose.

As vidya is the source of all holliness.
As vidya is the purpose of all life.
As vidya, gives knowledge about which
knowledge leads to peace.

May Vidya be teached by prayer.

May brahman