The Holy Veda

For our friends at celextel have the website
Without their consent i give the documents regarding the veda's in sanskrit
without their consent because on speech of Brahman.

Four links to four Veda's
One Link to the Soundarya Lahari
and link to the Isa- Upanishad

One photo of goddess Gayatri.
One link to the highest Holy Seal.

These Veda' when studied impart
the wisdom of peace and serenity.

For every education begins with asking Brahman to educate.
For every study begins with attention on Sanskrit

As the wisdom is imparted by Bhrigu to dr. Pillai,
And dr. Pillai imparted the Yantra's for sale over the world.
May he grant us to buy the Gayatri Yantra,
as he is from the Brahman-caste.

For only consecration and devotion give access.

To read the veda's on this website is free,
as its a gift of the angel of the Isa-upanishad she who is Isael,
She who is Gayatri.

Following are links to external sources

the Veda's at Shastras
Narada Bhakti sutra's
Sevatsvatara Upanishad
Soundarya Lahari from Adi Shankara
Atma Bodha Upanishad

Following the real pdf documents as derived from
The Veda's as the important source

Rig Veda
Sama Veda
Atharva veda
Krishna yayur veda
shaklu yayur veda

Following the devotional documents about Hinduism

Soundarya Lahari
Isa Upanishad

Narada Bhakti Sutra's
Svetasvatara Upanishad
The Brahma Sutra

The photo of Gayatri
Link to the Holy Seal to buy

May brahman

For Brahman is the subject of Veda.
As he the teacher, as his message keeps existing.
As the message is about wisdom.
And in all ages a good attendant should
find his abode.

Brahman, gives his grace through
many godheads. and angels as well as saints.
As in hindu Mahatma, paramahamsa and others.

Brahman, is the ultimate goal
for all religions.

As the highest godhead, the supreme reality
must be highest name, the highest rank,
the greatest form, and the highest specie.

For asking Brahman to teach, according
to the invocation in the upanishad.
is not without avail.

The more he teaches, the more deference
the adepts and attendant feels.

As Brahman, is the goal of the Veda's
As well as the goal of all inner wisdom.
May he impart his wisdom to us, as well
as to our offspring.

As some know Brahman as Brahma,
some know him as Vishnu,
some know him as Krsna,
some know him as Uma,
some know him as Paramatma,
some know him as the lord most high,
soem know him. his name has many forms.

For he is the supreme one,
and many know his name.