Self Sacrifice

Self-Sacrifice is the highest prayer to a higher power,
for when you do, it gives the holy seal of that power.

Self Sacrifice to Brahman is the highest one,
Self Sacrifice to Gayatri is good,
Self Sacrifice to the Allmighty is the just one,
Self Sacrifice to your Guardian angel is a nice one.

The Act of Self-Sacrifice is saying or whispering,
I surrender completely to the Allmighty one.

Self Sacrifice is the most holy prayer and deed to do,
after it you become an instrument in the hands of greatness.

After your prayer of selfsacrifice, within a month
you meet someone telling you are a nice person.

So self sacrifice first, after it the washing up.
I grant every one the option to surrender to Brahman or the Allmighty.
That granted wish, may you realise whenever you wish.
realising by whisper.

Now if learning about self-sacrifice say this with honesty
or whisper it to the Lords

Aham Brahmanasmi
second one: I am Brahmanasmi

If you succeed and are accepted, you will feel a brown light
in your surrounding.

Now this second one;
ask your beloved one,
in her or his direction,
Are you Param Atman.

if you succeeed you feel instantly more happiness.
This sign of happiness is your proof that Brahman and the Veda's exist.
Use it wisely.


For Brahman is reached.
For Brahman is allowed.

Brahman, devoted to Him means life.
Brahman, devoted to Him. brings life.
Brahman, devoted to Him. is society in living.

For Brahman, as a godhead is to
prayed and devoted to.

As all prayers from upanisahds,
are to Brahman. therefore the
most holy and wise source.

To surrender to Brahman,
is a decision to make very serious.
For a surrender is not something that
can be undone.

As Brahman, when surrendered to Him,
brings life to a plan or lifetask
he wants.

Brahman, is like the famous king,
giving his attendants a good job.
a safe time when done with labor.
As well as the precise conditions,
during life.

As Brahman, and his house,
is a part of religion,
many search for.

Brahman, supreme reality,
Brahman, All-Creator.

When searching for Brahman,
he always responds.
As he responds without prediction.
Without predilection.

For Brahman grants.

As a sacrifice is to give your life,
as a living instrument or property
to Brahman

May brahman