On Brahman

Brahman as the core of reality.
Brahman as named the ultimate and supreme reality.

As Brahman coupled to Maya gives its
feelings of joy and suffer.

As Brahman, is the main consciousness.
From the Creator to a simple creature.

As Brahman is to be unified with the Atman.
As the Atman is the personal consciousness
and Brahman is the sphere of consciousness
in all beings and all existence.

Brahman is the one loved in all beings.
For a man loves his wife because of Brahman.
For a friend loves her friend for Brahman
appears in the beauty of it.

Brahman is all consciousness in all spheres
in the whole of reality.

To be one with Brahman,
means to be one with reality.
As an everlasting moment in time.

Brahman in the Creator is
the highest awareness to be known.

Brahman is the core of all beings.

Brahman is everywhere in the universe
the ground of all existence.

To unify with Brahman,
means to step in the region
of the heart, and to keep
reality in view.

To unite with Brahman,
is to unite with the source of Creation
the unity with Brahma the Creator.

As when in the experience of Brahman,
a path without trail guides one
to the wisdom and the abode.
As the religious plight is fullfilled
by those being devoted only to Brahman,
and through Brahman to Brahma the Creator.

As the task of humanity is to reach
the goal, by which nothing is sought anymore.
the goal, when the seeking ends in being
at peace with oneself.

May Brahma the Creator provide.

May brahman