The Observer

For people its important to do everything right,
If you fail you suffer, if you wander, you get dumb.

As Brahman has a solution for everything,
regard this lesson as the portal to a good life.
regard this lesson as of an angel, if he is Izael or Gabriel.

This lesson is a plain and simple one,
but repeating this article, you learn it by Heart.

So now whisper too, whoever reads or hears:
I surrender to the Allmighty One completely.

If you whispered this article, you will learn to
have a good life of happy times.

When you repeated this article, reading or whispering it,
Your life will slowly change.

You may trust this article is a good one,
if you don't understand, if you whisper these words

you feel if its good or bad, as everyone has a method of learning.

The Observer is the one who watches this, including the writer and the listener.

May Brahman bless every observer with his Light.


For Brahman is the reality in its ultimate particles.
And Param Atman is the ultimate consciousness or awareness.

As the observer is not an idea, not an invisible concept.
The observer when reached is a daily view on reality.
The observer when reached is immediately known as true.

For normal people,
one is both in acting and doing and experiencing
the pleasure, pain or suffer of it.

As every being has the inborn wish to be happy,
to live in peace with others.

As its the goal of happiness which drives
people to the religious devotion.

To be an observer in christianity
is to be dead for sin, and to live as
christ on the cross.

In hinduism to be an observer,
is to have surrendered to the Allmighty One.
For when he begins to be doer,
he takes his attendant on a path.

To be an observer is to
let God or a Godhead to be the actor.

As also described inthe bagvad gita,
where Krsna is the actor of Arjuna.

May brahman