The light of Brahman

As the light of Brahman is for the body the color brown
As the light of Brahman for the mind is the sun
As the light of Brahman for the spirit or soul is wisdom

So ask this in reality, like whispering to your grandma.
Please Brahman, Grant me your light.

Use it with reverence,
because Brahman has no name and no form,
This means he grants his name to whom he wants.

The next question, may say whenever you want,
on this moment or before your death,
if you ask it, you may live a peacefull life,
here it comes: Allmighty One I Surrender to you Completely.
The Light of awareness is the light of the atman,
if you read or hear this, you are the spirit and the soul.

If you are the listener and reader, you are the atman of hindu religion.
If you observe, you know what happens, when it happens,
Proof is that you observe, and your observing is the only proof.

So ask the Light of Brahman, daily in the morning or the evening.
As this is the highest lesson of Brahman,

When you whisper it the first time,
and you trust the source, you may continue.
May Brahman, bless the reader, the hearer and the Atman.


As Brahman the supreme Godhead of Hindu's
cares for its attendants in an invisible way.

As in the scriptures,
the knower of Brahman,
is more happy than those in Hell, Earth or Heaven

As the knower of Brahman,
is not the one who thinks to know Brahman.

As Brahman is the wish that is reached
by honest prayer, and devotion of years.

As Brahman, above Brahma,
can be explained by.

The Creators above the Creator,
by which its a superlative, and
by the growth of worldview
it gets more and more a value.

Brahman, is sometimes translated
as the All-Creator, and some still
search for the precise meaning.

As the name of a Godhead is only
teached to those who have him
as the sole purpose and goal

Therefore the name of Brahman,
is the All-Creator.

May they as all the gods show
their reverence to their
source as well.

May Brahman, the All-Creator
protects those who serve him.
nourishes those who are devoted.

As the light of Brahman,
illumines all in reality.
And allows those sincere
to come closer to his
radiance and wisdom.

May brahman