Wisdom of Brahman

For Wisdom leads to goodness
For goodness leads to Happiness
For happiness leads to grace and mercy
For grace leads to the gods,
For mercy leads to the angels.

May Wisdom be in our hearts always,
May Wisdom be in our minds forever,
May Wisdom be on the lips of the holy,

Wisdom is imparted by asking for to Brahman,
Wisdom is educated by asking the Brahman-caste,

If the quest for wisdom is started,
all religions give their lessons to you,
if you accept with honesty, you will reach the goal.

The Goal of Vairagya and Moksha.
May Brahman teach us,
May Brahman grant us gifts,
May Brahman accept us as his instrument,
May we surrender our lives to Brahman

The philosophy is:
The observer is the highest without ever acting,
The actor is the highest when surrendered to the Allmighty,
The Lord is High above us, know him as Brahman,

He is nameless, because he is name,
He is formless, because he is form,

May that effulgent nameless and formless brahman,
be the brahma, vishnu and shiva caste.

May he grant us the happiness of Param Atman,
May he grant us happiness and the holy seal,
May he grant us a life-job to fulfill,
May he grant us wisdom and happiness.

For every person or soul seeking knowlegde should use this prayer,
Just speak or whisper it ten times;
Sat, Chit, Ananda,
speak it like dutch:zat, tzjied, ananda
If you speak it right;
you improve happiness and being smart.


As Brahman is the supreme godhead.
As he accepts his attendats when showing
enough devotion.
For some show devotion of a hundred years to
reach him.

others show devotion of ten years and
reach him.

It can not be predicted how much
is needed for him to see.

As Brahman has knowledge which
supercedes all illusion, all dreams.
As well all misconcepts and all evil.

Brahman, depicts that everywhere
on earth, in the universe, in all dimensions
there should be knowledge on how
to reach the abode of a godhead.

As Brahman depicts, all living beings
should have an entrance in the religions.

As all souls should be able to pray,
or to conduct the act of prayer.
Which means, no soul may be withtaken
the right to communicate or the abilty
to communicate.

as the word withtaken also means
to take away, or to destroy

May brahman