Who shakes our hands in our dream life at night,
Who gives us pleasure when we are with our female or male friend,
Who grants us knowledge during youth,

May that Isa teach us his lessons,
May that Upanishad teach us at our feet.

Isael is his name,
Isael, is his secret name,
Isael is his holy name.

Isael, why do you pay for our prayers,
Isael, why do you teach the veda's to weakhearted,
Isael, why do you blind the smart ones with a silver mirror.

Isael, may you guard wisdom,
Isael, may you see Brahman ever.

Isael as i have heard, all prayers to Lord Isa,
are paid by you.

Isael as angel visible in all religions.

Isael, the first step for people is to ask Izael, angel of intuition and harmony,
Isael, the second step is to ask you for guidance,
Isal, the third step is to Surrender to the Holy Source.

For the Isa-Upanishad is the highest lesson,
looking at the sanskritversion,
and learning to say the name of the lord, Brahman daily
in each moment.

For when in doubt if gods are good,
only folded hands in prayer without name, without speech
is the way to overcome the baddest evil.

May Brahman grant us Isael,
both in heaven and on earth.


As Brahman is the ulitmate invisible source
of all life, and the purpose of all life

As Isael, in western script is an angel
as bound to the godhead Isa in hinduism.

As Isa is the godhead of isa-upanishad.
As he is the inner-teacher
able to impart wisdom
of all religions, including
Brahman and Uma the goddess of wisdom.

Isa is a godhead without human form.
Therefore those who shy away from praying
to Him, can adress their prayers to
the angel belonging to Him,
angel Isael.

As all people know,
angels are always endowd with
good intentions, the love of god.

Therefore Isael,
gives an entrance to religion.

May brahman