Gift of Life

The gift of life is precious,
so use it wisely and use it in just times.

As we know of egypt and the Sphinx,
As we know of maya ruins being beautifull.

I tell this secret lesson because i understood,
so if you use the prayer i will tell you, you will get the prayer of life.

In Hinduism they use prayers as ritualistic wordt of symbols.

If you utter the word Antibiotics, nothing happens,
but if you say it near a general practitioner he knows whats wrong.

If you utter in the air: Please help me,
something happens and your intuition will help you.

Now utter this in the air, whispering.
ANKH. if you just whispered you know that a prayer is like a mantra,
a prayer in your homelanguage is for your feelings,
a prayer in sanskrit is for your soul or spirit.

So as a gift of life i give you the mantra ANKH.
if you say it with honesty,
meditating while reciting.
if you want the result, just say it ten times.

On the internet is found,
ankh is a mantra given by the gods to tutanchamon.

the secret is, he did not build in fifty year, but in five thousand.
first five years to make the place ready, then every year two stones.

So if you use the mantra Ankh by reciting it, you get the gift of life.

The last of it is, use it with wisdom, a mantra is not cheap to get,
so if you get it for free from me, use it wisely.

So whisper this article one time, then your heart learns it to.


As for the gift of life, is ore than just a cure for a disease.
The gift of life the earlier to accept, is to
have more peace, more of meaning in life.

For example. a child is educated in school,
and is not serious with it,
he fails all his exams.

Now if the child accepted a religious view,
he would be sincere in studying
and accepted all lessons, and graduated with
good grades.

The gift of life,
is to teach your children,
to teach anyone.

Devotion leads to the bond with a godhead.
A godhead to be prayed to be daily,
A godhead to surrender in prayer.

As the earlier to accept,
the more health, the more peace is possible.

May brahman