The breath of life

Very important before reading or listening this article.
Consciously in awareness breath three times in and out,
without thinking.

After that read this article.

Every human or other life form has the gift of breathing,
on earth we need oxygen, on jupiter they need gas.

As you can breath, and its the breath of life.
As you breath with intent, you build the power of awareness.

The breath in ducth is named Adem,
as the hindu word is Atman for the soul.

So for your body awareness is coupled to Breathing,
So every time you breath, your body gets energy.

in japanese they call it Ki or Chi,
If you are haunted by bad thoughts, filled with demons,
or your are seduced by nice women looking nice.

So breathing, creates wisdom in your soul.
as is said, in daylight every demon perishes.

So the act of Breathing is a gift of god,
derived at birth.

If every day you breath for an hour in awareness,
all your problems solve in one year.

Be aware to contact a doctor at diseases.

as air on the earth is purified by water and plants.


As the breath of life, gives all
beings the right to act to exist.

For breathing shares all beings
on a planet and in a society.

This breath gives all the purpose
to be part of society, to have peace
and to strive for happiness.

The breath of life, is more than
just air, or just reality.

The breath of life, is given
at birth and the quality of the air
gives the personality during life
therefore a natural habitat is
searched for by those in devotion.

As the breath of life, is the first
contact with existence, and gives
the reflection in the mirror of life.
for the born child.

As to breath means to live.
And life is given by the fullfilled
task of a breath.

May brahman