Brahman being an instrument.


To surrender to a godhead,
is a step above a ravine,
and to be scared of the deep
and to be scared of the sheer path.

To surrender to a godhead,
is to trust the guideline on the map
and to put step by step to
the end of the road.

By surrender,
for comparison to christ,
he promises to heal, to use
and to reward.

He heals your life, he uses
you as an instrument,

and he rewards by heaven.

To surrender to Brahman,
He is the ultimate reality,
the highest known godhead.
if he is a godhead,
for he has no name and form.

For example
the godhead Indra,
of hinduism is been
created by Him,

In the scriptures is
He won the war for Indra,
therefore Indra knows him best.

To surrender to Brahman,
In not any scripture he proofs
that what he will do is written.

Its stepping on the path
above a ravine.

If someone surrenders to a Godhead,
they can say these are my terms.

For example,
if family matters occur,
i stop to be an instrument.

Or when devastating violence
in the country occurs,
i stop to be an instrument.

As the wish of someone to surrender,
is not predictable,
a king would prefer to have the
condition of the safety of his land.

and a teacher would say,
if i'am in disgrace i want
to be back.

Sometimes when one is an instrument
and problems rise, and its as a storm
without end.

One can ask, is it my own troubles
and as the cause of it out of hands.

But when one surrenders to a godhead,
karma immediately ends, because
of servantship.

And Everything that happens,
is under control of the godhead.
So one cannot say, its my problem
i an the source.

For the moment of surrender or selfsacrifice,
is the moment the Lord, or the godhead
decides what happens, which work to do
and how someone is saved.

This does not mean, an instrument
has no soul, no life or no feelings.
Life for every living human is bound
by the conditions of being in a society.

No one can say i'am special
and therefore without reasonable law.

No one can say i'am special
i get the reward without reason
or without justification.

Conditions for surrender or selfsacrifice,
is common in every society,
for no one can jump in deep water
without experience or without

But they say unconditional surrender
is best, for a pure instrument
is of high value.

May brahman