supreme reality

Core of essence

Brahman by knowledge

As Brahman is told to be the supreme reality
and with every dream at night being a dimension
giving an experience.

As Brahman is known to be the top reality,
and with the truth being the most to perfect.

As Brahman, the supreme reality,
holds the Brahma the Creator as the
most pure one. as Brahma has its
roots in every dimension and every
so called reality.

When travel between dimensions is
possible, one always compares
each dimension to Brahman,
the top dimension or reality.

To reach out for Brahman,
as the religious concept is a
path from the bottom to the top.

For most people to start with
the Creator as a form of a person
like christian jesus, or hindu krsna.
And from up to the invisible creator
with the size of whole galaxy to
create reality.

The path to Brahman is to be walked
from each step to another.

As with Brahman no one can
pretend to be at the top or
the middle, because when time
passes by, one always turns back
to his or her own place on the path.

But when Brahman is reached,
he grants special things, with
no presumptive name or form
Whereby Brahman can not be
predicted or subject
of pre-knowledge.

For when someone reaches
Brahman, he himself is subject
of Brahman, and not through
any outer method or response.

As Brahman, is reached,
the path is walked,
and karma is in the hands
of Brahman, by which decisions
are fully influenced by
the Brahman.

May brahman