For Brahman is.


Brahman is to be understood,
with three qualities.
As my understanding provides.

First Brahman without name, is above all names.
Brahman without form, is above all forms.

As Param atman is the consicousnes of the Lord,
Brahman is above Him.

Second Brahman, is the quality of
consciousnes of reality in all living beings.

Third, personal he is the lord of lords
and named Isvara

Fourth impersonal he is the Creator,
and the substratum of all realities.
As the supreme reality is His abode.

Brahman is to be understood as the
king of the universe without a name.
As names trangresses into the future
with next kings and royals,
and Brahman is eternal and eternal.

When Brahman offers his mercy
to a devoted adept.
He gives step by step on the road.
With giving light to the next step only.

As to be an instrument of Brahman,
is not described in the upanishads.
Because its ever new and ever changing.
But yet the teachings of the adept
live on as the veda's and upanishads.

For Brahman is both Teacher, Provider
and Master of his adepts.

When life is given as a gift to
Brahman, as a living instrument.
Its Him who decides.

May Brahman protect us,
and grant us well-being.
Give us good health,
and blesses with his radiance.

For the question how to solve non duality.
From dual sources to the unification.

As the consciousness, is the Atman,
and needs to be unified with Brahman.

As the act of free will as seperate from
the will of the Brahman or Supreme soul.

When one unifies will with the will of th supreme lord
one trancends the purpose of the creature
to the purpose of the creator.

As in advaita vedanta they say
to solve the can with water,
to be part of the ocean with water.

As Free will is separate from the
will of Brahman.

As they say,
when surrender to a godhead,
in any religion is
to accept the will of the godhead
as thy own will.

By which religion gets an instrument
for granting wisdom and virtue as
well as prosperity to a world.

May Brahman provide good health
May Brahman provide protection
May Brahman provide justice

May brahman